Proposal updates in Cheltenham: Fast-food restaurant, Bank of America, Chik-Fil-A, Lukoil, Reggie Jackson’s childhood home

Plans for a Bank of America building and a fast-food restaurant at Cedarbrook Plaza are still moving forward.

According to Henry Sekawungu, Director of Zoning and Planning, the Bank of America project will next have to go through the land development approval process.

The plan calls for the demolition of an existing standalone drive-up ATM at 1000 S. Easton Road.

The fast-food restaurant has not yet released its identity to the township, Sekawungu said.


The forthcoming Chik-Fil-A at 3001 Cheltenham Avenue in Cedarbrook Plaza is expected to open sometime in October, according to their planners.

“They’ve already gone through their preconstruction, so the project is underway,” Sekawungu said.

Italian/Mediterranean restaurant

Developers are still going through a sometimes-lengthy sewer review process for an Italian/Mediterranean restaurant at 137 S. Easton Road, the former Won Institute in Glenside.

If approved, the proposal will head to the Planning Commission, followed by a resolution passed by the township, Sekawungu said.

Reggie Jackson’s former home in Wyncote

The childhood home of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, located along Greenwood Avenue, is expected to be demolished sometime time year.

Sekawungu said plans for a parking lot in its place are still pending. He expects an update to come forward this summer.

Current plans for the property date back to 2022 when the Wyncote Board of Historical & Architectural Review first reviewed an application by a private owner.


The Lukoil at 105 Greenwood Avenue in Wyncote has received a court order to cease and desist from operating as a tobacco store, Sekawungu said.

“The owners have requested a continuance. The court order is ongoing. They requested an indefinite continuance for any changes to that order,” he said.

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