Cheltenham Board of Commissioners approve Yeshiva Gedolah’s plans to move forward

An Emergency Meeting of the Board of Commissioners was held on August 24 at 7:30pm to consider approving the Sewage Facilities Planning Module for Yeshiva Gedolah at 8201 High School Road, Elkins Park.

The Board unanimously approved Yeshiva’s sewer plan with a 6-0 vote.

“This development has been approved,” said commissioner Daniel Norris. “We’re talking about the sewage module, which this development and other developments have to go through.”

Yeshiva purchased the previously existing synagogue, Congregation Kol Ami, in 2021. Since the purchase, the entity has set forth plans to construct a second floor dormitory which would house 108 students and 12 staff members. The conversion from synagogue to school with dormitory adds 44 Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs) to the property which require Department of Environmental Protection approval. One EDU is the sewage equivalent to one single family household.

Existing synagogue at 8201 High School Road, Elkins Park

Officials said that Yeshiva’s plans are scheduled for further discussion at the next public works meeting in September. If the public works committee approves the plans, it will then go to the Board of Commissioners for discussion and approval.