Possible stabbing at Abington Senior High School, police report ‘multiple disturbances’

The Abington Township Police Department announced at 1:54pm today that “Multiple disturbances occurred at the [Abington Senior] high school with minor injuries.”

The post followed an announcement from earlier this afternoon which read:

Currently there is a large police presence due to a fight amongst several students at the Abington Senior High School. Everything is under control at this time.

A community member shared the following to Twitter at approximately 2:00pm: “Students, possibly EIGHT, stabbed at Abington High School? can anyone confirm?”

The post, which can be found here, includes a photo of a student on a stretcher.

A parent and member of an Abington-based Facebook group posted today that their child, who is a student at the high school, has a picture of “medics on scene with a student on a stretcher. He’s saying someone was stabbed, but haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere else.”

“My son told me there was a large fight at the high school today. He heard someone had a knife and possibly cut/stabbed? Anyone else hear about this?” the post said.

A follow up comment shared the following image:

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