Wyncote Farms’ Nala Bloom posthumously honored by The Inquirer

On Wednesday, law enforcement officials announced the arrest of Shaikan Pitts, 38, of Philadelphia, on Homicide by Vehicle–DUI and other charges related to the November 25, 2023, two-vehicle crash in Elkins Park that killed 33-year-old Laishah “Nala” Holloman.

Holloman, 33, known to many as Wyncote Farms’ Nala Bloom, was appointed as the Elkins Park farm’s manager in January 2023 after joining as a volunteer in 2022. She was honored by The Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday.

“She was unlike any other volunteer we had ever known. She was there night and day,” Linkins, the academy’s head of school, said in a phone interview with The Inquirer.

Linkins said she was “the brightest of lights” and beloved by students, staff, and faculty.

The article briefs her role at the farm, which included working with Wyncote students, coordinating weekly farmers markets in North Philadelphia and Center City, overseeing beekeeping and egg production, and serving as a key member of Wyncote Farm’s community-based maple syrup program, among other duties.

“She helped to tap more than 150 maple trees in East Oak Lane, Melrose Park, Elkins Park, Jenkintown, Wyncote, and Huntingdon Valley,” The Inquirer said.

The article mentions her March 2023 interview with Glenside Local where she talked about her “journey as a farmer” and learning “how to tend to the land.”

“It’s come with a lot of responsibility, but I also feel truly grateful to be responsible for the food we’re growing and the animals we’re caring for,” she told Glenside Local. “I’m a student in nature who’s growing right along with them.”

Holloman had a daughter, according to her obituary.

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Photos: Nala Bloom, Wyncote Farms