The Royal’s Masters Studio Open House Session #1 this Saturday

The Royal will host its first Masters Studio Open House Session with instructors Mark Riccadonna and Marc Kaye on Saturday, January 7 at 6:00pm.

The Open House will provide information about upcoming classes and interactive workshopping. A meet and greet will be followed by a variety show.

Classes will begin in February (dates TBA). Open House registrants will receive $50 off their registration fee, backstage access to The Royal Comedy Show on January 20, and a free ticket to any show at The Royal in 2023.

Classes for this Winter Session are Acting & Writing, Effective Storytelling & Stand Up Comedy, and Mastering the Audition. Bundle packages are available and pricing will be announced during the Open House.

Acting & Writing

Explore different techniques and find those that work for you while learning to trust and work with the gut  reactions in the moment as your character.

• Learn to prepare to act in a relaxed and truthful way.

• Discover the basics of breaking down a scene beat by beat and start creating a character on paper. 

• Find the true motivation to move the story forward and remain true to you, your character and the script. 

• Create a character, including clues and decisions to help and place them in the circumstances to allow you to make the best choices to stay in the moment and allow you to be the best storyteller you can be.  

• Figure out what works for the actor and techniques to make adjustments in an instant, learning to check in on  yourself and getting back into the scene.

Effective Storytelling & Stand Up Comedy 

• Learn how to tell a compelling and funny story that will help with making points in a smart funny way. 

• Understand different techniques through various delivery methods including stand up comedy, pitch meetings or  business presentations.

• Identify and learn to incorporate specific techniques such as finding facts, losing the fat, finding humor and  points of view in telling your story.

Mastering the Audition 

• Find your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to make you stand out in the auditioning room. 

• Learn to make choices that gain attention while being flexible when asked to change your choices.  

• Master the cold reading (on and off camera),

• Understand and learn to leverage the 24-hour script analysis.

• Prepare for both commercial reads and legit reads

• Become familiar with and prepared for theatre vs film techniques

• Learn to “show” to the camera

For more details about Masters Studio classes and instructors, you can visit The Royal’s Masters Studio information page here.