Suspicious Incident In Abington Township

The Abington Township Police Department issued a statement this afternoon regarding a suspicious incident yesterday near Overlook Elementary School.

“On Monday, December 3, 2018, around 3:30 PM, two children were walking home from Overlook Elementary School,” according to the statement from the Police Department.  “The children reported that when they reached the 1900 block of Moreland Road, a black newer model 4-door Honda Civic or Hyundai type vehicle stopped across the street.  The vehicle was occupied by two white males in their 20’s or 30’s.  The passenger exited the car and attempted to engage the children in conversation.  The incident was witnessed by a neighbor, and the vehicle left the area when they saw the neighbor walking towards them.”

“There was no attempt by either of the males to coax the kids into their vehicle, and the males did not follow the children,” the statement continued.  “The children made it safely home, and immediately told their mother what had happened.  Although no crime was committed, this incident is suspicious in nature, and Abington Police are attempting to identify the males and/or vehicle involved in order to investigate this incident further.  Extra officers will be patrolling the area where this occurred. ”



The Abington Township Police Department is asking that “if anyone has information or may have witnessed this event, please contact Abington Police at 267-620-1401 (Main number), or the assigned investigator, Detective Rob Davis, at 267-536-1109 or by email.”

“As always, the best defense in these situations is to educate your children before an incident happens,” the statement concluded.  “If approached by someone you do not know, do not engage in conversation.  Do not get into a car with any stranger.  Travel directly home or to another safe place and immediately tell a grown-up they trust.”



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