Pet of the Week: Meet Sundar, Former Desi Dog

This beautiful boy is one lucky dog. Only six months ago, he was in an India vet office in New Delhi with two crushed legs and a spinal injury.

Sundar recuperating from injuries sustained after run over by a motorcycle on the streets of New Delhi.

Sundar was one of 70 million “desi dogs” or street dogs that roam the streets of Indian cities in search of scraps to eat. They have a life expectancy of maybe a year, according to his owner, Glenside resident, Scott.

Sundar was run over by a motorcycle when he was only three months old. He was rescued by the Modern Mowgli Rescue, who treated his severe injuries and put him up for adoption, where he traveled half way around the world to our area. You’d never know he suffered so much.

Today, Sundar enjoys a life probably better than many humans he left behind in his home country thanks to Scott who lives in Glenside. He describes Sundar as a lively but patient pup that loves kids.

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