Pet of the Week: Meet Marla the Adventure Chicken!

If you’re grown a little weary of our usual parade of cats and dogs, then we have a treat for you. This week’s pet was submitted by Daisy Crane, who has a flock of chickens but regards Marla as special.

She is a Buff Orpington that we purchased from Primex 4 years ago. She is very sweet and enjoys all things that a chicken loves like free ranging, dust baths and meal worms. Where she is special is that she also lets us do “non chicken” things with her. Like a couple of winters ago, she let my son pull her in a sled through the yard, and also go snowboarding with him, riding on his shoulder, and even spent a little time on a stand-up paddle board with him last summer.

Recently she has been cooling off during these hot summer days in the kiddie pool. Unlike my other chickens, who will just stand there, and then fly out after a minute or two, Marla will lifts her legs and float. We call her a “chicken float boat”.

Here’s a video: