Pet of the Week: Harper Marie Jones

This week’s pet was submitted by Sean Gill via our Facebook page. Here’s Harper’s story according to Sean:

This is Harper Marie Jones. Her mom (aka my wife, Julie) adopted her from a Philly shelter 7 years ago, when Harper was about 7 months. Julie knew that Harper was the pup for her because Harper had shredded all of her bedding earlier that day, and she completely ignored Julie during their introductory visit. ?

But by the time I came into Harper’s life four years ago, she had calmed down into the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever met (and I’ve met tons). Our neighbors tell me stories about how far Harper has come all the time. 

She still has some quirks. She hates the mailman. She’s very vocal and “talks” a lot. She doesn’t shred her bedding, but all stuffed animals are fair game. And she gets real upset if you take her collar off. But these all just add to her very dynamic and unique personality.

I’m biased, of course, but I think she’s the perfect example of a dog who needed a second chance at life and became a real champion once she got it.

If you have a cat, dog, bird, iguana, or other interesting pet you’d like to introduce to the community, send your story along with a good photo and we’ll post it here.