Pet of the Week: Bender the Wonder Dog

The Pet of the Week is a new feature, and our first pet truly has a remarkable story. The Pet of the Week is off to an incredible start thanks to Bender the Wonder Boy’s inspirational story. Bender’s owners live in Roslyn. Bender’s owners write……………….

Bender is a local pup, and his story is a bit unusual. Bender was adopted from the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue. In February of 2013, he escaped our yard to play or chase an animal, which lead him to travel down the tracks of the R2 local. Bender was found behind Briar Bush Nature Center on the side of the tracks. He was hit by the train running down the tracks, and was struck in the back of the head. He was found by people from the rescue who came out to help him. Bender was in one piece but hurt badly. We took him to his vet, Hamilton Animal Hospital, where they stabilized him and help us with the next step to emergency trauma care at VSEC Hospital.

Bender came home blind and in need of care but within 2 months he regained his sight and with the help of the rescue team, and many people who saw our plea for help. When he had his final surgery we took the funds left over from the donations and gave them to the rescue to help Daphne, a dog in need of eye surgery.

After a couple years of healing and some retraining Bender passed his good citizen and therapy evaluations, and became a therapy dog.  Bender is a gentle dude and in his few outings as a therapy dog he has done well with the people he has met. The superman costume was a gift from members of the rescue at a reunion event. He will be at the Roslyn Pet Fair coming up to visit his friends at the DVSHR tent.

I write this because I believe Bender is a great dude, with a remarkable story, but also to maybe see if I can get him some attention to do more therapy work. He got a second chance at life because people were generous and donated to us to help him, and we want to give back. I think he might be good for people who have been through trauma. So we submit Bender, not just because he is a handsome dog but also because he can serve a purpose to help others.

Watch the video made by Benders owners that documents his amazing journey.


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