Meet Serena, the PET of the WEEK

The PET of the WEEK is Serena, a Siamese cat living in Roslyn.  From the owner……

Serena, our 5 year-old Siamese is lovable, affectionate, playful, and very loud. Our neighbors thought we had a baby over one spring day because of how vocal Serena is when she’s looking to play.  She also likes to open our bathroom and kitchen cabinets when she is in need of attention.  She can does require a lot of attention, and can get into mischief if sh’es bored.  Unlike our teenagers, she doesn’t talk back.  Serena is full of love and is by your side, especially if you are feeling down. Our family would be incomplete with out her.

We are always looking for new pets to feature for Pet of the Week. Please email your pet’s photos with the following  information:

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