Local colleges receive grants towards underage and dangerous drinking reduction effort

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced on September 2nd that it had awarded $2.8 million in grants in an effort to reduce underage and dangerous drinking. Locally, two colleges have received grants.

Manor College in Jenkintown was provided $12,464 towards judicial educator services (education for students with disciplinary problems), alcohol awareness posters, medical amnesty cards, and promotional items.

Arcadia Univerity in Glenside received $35,880 towards personnel costs for two conferences, materials/supplies, advertisements, social norm posters, alcohol-free alternatives, grant evaluator, guest speaker, the continuation of existing “drunk goggle Olympics,” and creation of a sober living floor.

“The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board takes its alcohol education responsibility very seriously, as evidenced by our funding of these important local projects, which promote public health and safety,” said PLCB Chairman Tim Holden. “Preventing underage and irresponsible drinking is an important part of our mission, and we’ve awarded $17.7 million in alcohol education grants since 1999.”

This year, of 94 grant applications received, 84 organizations from 36 counties across Pennsylvania were awarded a total of $2,787,922 in grants. The maximum award for each two-year grant is $40,000.