Jenkintown Ward 2 independents have 19 days left to storm the castle.

As previously reported, last May’s primary elections left Jenkintown Borough with an open council seat in Ward 2. Because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans nominated a candidate, they may only run write-ins in the general election this November.

Independents and third-party candidates still have an opportunity to get on that ballot, however. According to the county, the deadline for signatures is August 1, and a prospective candidate only needs 22 signatures. I think my cat can get 22 signatures in that ward. Sadly, she lives in Ward 4.

All candidates must also file their Statement of Financial responsibility, which outlines their sources of income and debt obligations.

If anyone in Ward 2 is looking for an opportunity to drive a wedge into the gears of the local Democratic party machine, the time is now. Carpe diem!