Flash flood watch issued for this afternoon

flood watch

The nice people at the National Weather Service have issued a flash flood watch for our area from 2:00 PM today until 1:00 AM tomorrow. At the time we post this message, it’s bright and sunny, but the rains are coming.

The official announcement include these details:

  • Showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight will be
    capable of producing torrential rainfall, with local amounts of
    1 to 3 inches with locally higher amounts potentially occurring
    in a short period of time. This could lead to localized flash
  • The risk of flash flooding is highest in urbanized and low-
    lying areas. Rapid rises on small creeks and streams are

Instructions: A Flash Flood Watch means that there is the potential for flash flooding which can be life-threatening. Heavy rain is expected to occur over a short period of time. Rapidly rising flood waters may quickly inundate roadways and areas of poor drainage. Streams and creeks could leave their banks, flooding nearby properties. Please monitor the forecast, especially if you live in a location that is prone to flooding.

Be prepared to take action if a flash flood warning is issued for your area.