Elkins Park’s ‘House of the Living’ feat. by CBS News

“The House of the Living”, a restored greenhouse at Elkins Estate Farm which is now a living monument to gun violence victims, was recently featured by CBS News.

Once overgrown with vines, the greenhouse’s transformation is the brainchild of Swarthmore photography professor Ron Tarver and Jodi Joyner. Other participants include EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder Is Real), a Germantown-based nonprofit organization, Swarthmore University art students, and FarmerJawn Community Greenhouse, which manages the greenhouse.

“I can’t have closure in terms of you know, finding the person who did this, but what I can find peace in is that my son continues to live on,” Rovella Davis, who son was shot and killed seven years ago, said.   

According to CBS, Swarthmore is working to get $300,000 in additional funding to install 320 more portraits for a total of 410. Donations can be submitted at HouseoftheLiving.net.

For the full story, you can click here or watch the video below. For our previous coverage, you can click here.

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Screengrab: CBS