Cheltenham Township’s commissioners to consider ordinance updating definition of tobacco stores/smoke shops

Cheltenham Township’s Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, February 17th at 7:30 p.m. for an ordinance that would amend the township’s zoning code to update the definition of “Tobacco Store” to now be recognized as “Tobacco Stores/Smoke Shop” for businesses that focus on selling tobacco products to include electronic delivery devices such as vapes. The new definition would also exclude CBD products.

These types of businesses are allowed by special exception within areas zoned for light industrial.

This update would not impact convenience stores and other businesses that sell tobacco products along with a variety of other products. A business that sells tobacco products would trigger falling under the tobacco store/smoke shop categorization if more than 20% of its sales were tobacco products. Existing businesses would also be grandfathered.

You can read the proposed ordinance here.