Cheltenham to host public hearings for proposed take-out eatery with drive-thru, Bank of America, Lukoil smoke shop

Cheltenham Township announced that the Zoning Hearing Board will hold public hearings on Monday, May 13 at 7:30pm at Curtis Hall to consider applications for Reasonable Accommodation, Special Exceptions and/or Variances from the terms of the Cheltenham Township Code.


Lukoil North America LLC and 100 Ridge Store Inc are appealing a Violation Notice from August 8, 2023, and a Zoning Determination Review from September 5, 2023.

Both appeals concern the convenience store at 105 Greenwood Avenue in Wyncote, which is seeking zoning relief to allow for a smoke shop categorization, currently an unpermitted use within Wyncote’s historic district.

A continuance for the proposal was heard by the township in November, and an application which called for the doubling of saleable tobacco products from the maximum allowed by the Township—20 percent to 40 percent—was voted down by the township’s Building and Zoning Committee in October.

A continuance has been requested for June 10.

Cedarbrook Plaza

Cedarbrook Plaza, Inc. is appealing a decision regarding their application for the construction of a Bank of America building and a retail take-out food with a drive-thru facility at 1000 S. Easton Road in Wyncote.

In April, the township received a plan which called for the demolition of the existing standalone drive-up ATM and the construction of a Bank of America bank building at that location, which is owned by Bank of America.

Requested variances are as follows:

a. Section 295-2502.D.2 to permit the expansion of the non-conforming maximum building coverage.
Variances Retail Take-Out Food Establishment:
a. Section 295-405.A.12(f), to allow for the drive-thru facility to be located within the front yard area.
b. Section 295-1102.E., to allow for the building to have a setback of less than 40’ from the ultimate
street right-of-way.
c. Section 295-405.B.26, to permit sit-down service in excess of 20% of the gross leasable floor area.
d. Section 295-2502.D.2 to permit the expansion of a non-conformity maximum building coverage.

The agenda can be found here.

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