New proposals in Cheltenham: Bank of America, takeout establishment | Proposal updates: Italian/Mediterranean restaurant, Chik-fil-A, Lukoil smoke shop

Cheltenham Township officials have reviewed the following applications and proposals for development:

Bank of America

The township has received a plan which calls for the demolition of an existing standalone drive-up ATM at 1000 S. Easton Road.

The property is owned by Bank of America and the proposal calls for the construction of a Bank of America bank building at that location, according to Henry Sekawungu, Director of Zoning and Planning.

Retail Takeout Establishment

The township has also received a proposal for a retail takeout establishment with a drive-thru facility at a pad of land owned by Cedarbrook Plaza.

The proposal will go to the Zoning Hearing Board next month, Sekawungu said. More details forthcoming.

Italian/Mediterranean Restaurant

In December, the township received an application for an Italian/Mediterranean restaurant at 137 S. Easton Road, the former Won Institute in Glenside.

According to Sekawungu, the developers are still going through a sometimes-lengthy sewer review process.

If approved, the proposal will head to the Planning Commission, followed by a resolution passed by the township, Sekawungu said.


The forthcoming Chik Fil A at 3001 Cheltenham Avenue in Cedarbrook Plaza has gone through the land development process and is currently wrapping up agreements so that they can start construction this summer, Sekawungu said.

Should everything go well, the former Golden Corral restaurant will be demolished and replaced with this use.

For more on the franchise’s proposal, you can click here.


The owners of Lukoil’s proposed smoke shop and tobacco store at 105 Greenwood Avenue are going through the Zoning Hearing Board approval process.

“They’ve requested a continuance. The Board will be reviewing whether to continue on the April 16,” Sekawungu said. “If it moves forward, it’ll likely appear on the May 14 Zoning Hearing Board agenda for recommendation.”

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