Cases slightly up in Montgomery County, but PCR Positivity Rate remains low and there is currently a single patient on a ventilator

Since our mid-month report on October 15th, Montgomery County reports that there were 51 new cases of Coronavirus on October 16th, 59 cases on October 17th, 33 cases on October 18th, 40 cases on October 19th, and 67 cases on October 20th. That brings the countywide total since the start of the pandemic to 12,934.

A new death due to Coronavirus was reported by the county on October 20th. This is the fifth death thus far in October. There were a total of six deaths in September, one less than the seven reported in August. There were 21 deaths in July, and 106 in June. The fifth death in October brings the total number of deaths countywide since the start of the pandemic to 837 (please note that the number stayed the same even though there has been an additional death since our last report. The numbers are revised on an ongoing basis).

The 14-day PCR positivity rate remains low in Montgomery County. As of October 15th the rate is 2.28% down from 2.29% on October 9th. It has been under 3% since mid September. Having this number before 5% is considered having the virus under control.

Hospitalizations due to Coronavirus in Montgomery County total 42 as of October 20th at noon. That is down one from October 15th at noon. There is currently one patient who requires a ventilator.

DATEDaily Positive Test Results

14 DAY AVERAGE47.71428571

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The most recent 14-day average of the number of cases is 144 more than the 14-days prior. The most recent seven-day average is 10 more than the previous seven days.

Locally, here are the current numbers:

  • Abington is at 908 cases, which is 13 more than since October 15th. There have been 70 deaths
  • Cheltenham is 757 cases, which is eight more than since October 15th. There have been 54 deaths
  • Jenkintown is at 42 cases, which is three more than since October 15th. There have been no deaths
  • Springfield is at 679 cases, which is three more than since October 15th. There have been 91 deaths
  • Rockledge is at 26 cases, which is one more than since October 15th. There has been one death

You can view all of the latest data here.