Abington’s Joe Rooney, ATRO Chairman, asks controversial election to be postponed

Joe Rooney, an Ardsley resident and Chairman of Abington Township Rockledge Borough Republican Organization (ATRO), sent out a memo on Wednesday.

The memo requests the postponement of March 1’s election of a new chair. It reads:

Hello ATRO Committee Men and Women:

MCRC Convention March 1 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 260 Mall Blvd, KoP, PA

Meeting only for committeepeople and GOP members holding a proxy.

Bring photo ID.

Our Check in time is 5:40 – 6:00PM.

There is much controversy boiling around this convention. Liz Havey resigned as chairwoman on Feb 15. This convention was originally billed as an endorsement convention, now it will start with an election for a new chairman/woman.

Right now, Nancy Becker is the acting Chair of MCRC due to the vacancy.

I am asking you each to write a short email to Nancy Becker at njbeckerrod12@branchteachersgmail-com.

Please ask her to postpone the election of a new chair for 30 days as stipulated in the MCRC bylaws. We should focus tomorrow night on our great candidates and unite our party behind these fine men and woman. I want to leave this convention focused on our candidates and the primary.

A controversial meeting to elect a new chair should be on a different night.

Thank you for helping me with this issue.

Semper Fi and God Bless America.

Joe Rooney