Aqua Pennsylvania Filed for a Rate Increase Last Week

According to a letter Commissioner John Speigleman received on September 1, (Letter Link  ) Aqua Penn intention to raise its rates entirely separately from any filtration projects.

As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer today, Aqua Pennsylvania filed on Friday  for a 15.4 percent water rate increase, which would boost the typical residential monthly bill by $9.22, from $59.85 to $69.07. The water company said the filing was its first rate increase request since 2011.

According to Aqua said it needed the rate increase to recover $2.2 billion in investments it made to improve water and wastewater infrastructure since its last rate increase.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has up to nine months to approve the request. According to Commissioner Spiegleman coordinated efforts in Abington and neighboring municipalities are happening to craft a response to the proposed rate hike.

Any objections to Aqua’s application can go to the PA Public Utility Commission (PUC) or file an online complaint HERE. The more objections PUC receives before October 16, the greater the chance that a hearing will be held on the proposed increase.