Abington Commissioner Candidates Running So Far

Township of Abington Seal

According the county, this is the current list of candidates who have submitted petitions to run for Abington Township Commissioner. The deadline for filing was on March 12, so expect this list to be updated as we learn more.

The 2019 Primary Election will be held Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

Names in bold designate incumbents.

Ward 1: Tom Hecker (D)
Ward 1: Christina M. Baker (R)
Ward 3: Drew Rothman (D)
Ward 3: Bob Kumor (R)
Ward 5: Wayne Luker (D)
Ward 5: Ronald Holt (R)
Ward 7: Stuart Winegrad (D)
Ward 7: Paul E. Morse, Jr. (R)
Ward 9: Dave Corrigan (D)
Ward 9: Dennis Zappone (R)
Ward 10: Jessica Carswell (D)
Ward 11: John L. Spiegelman (D)
Ward 13: Bill Bole (D)
Ward 13: Carol F. Gillespie (R)
Ward 15: Tom Bowman (D)
Ward 15: Judith K. Lounsberry (R)