Abington Art Center to reopen Sculpture Park with Ravenswood Garden installation

The Abington Art Center recently announced that it will be reopening the 27-acre Sculpture Park on June 9 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The park is located at 515 Meetinghouse Road in Jenkintown.

Sculpture Park will feature Ravenswood Garden by Richard Metz, which will be available for viewing from June 9 – June 24. To donate to the project, you can click here.

From Abington Art Center’s announcement:

Ravenswood, an ephemeral painted tree installation by Richard Metz, which explores storytelling inspired by 18th century Danish fairy tales. Let yourself be caught in the spell of over 40 trees transformed by bold, enchanting designs.

Using non-toxic handmade pigments and eggs, Metz will transform our forest into an immersive and visual journey. Drawing inspiration from Hans Christian Anderson era stories, the journey through our forest will begin as dark and scary. As the viewer moves further into the woods, the narrative will transition into one of great energy and light. Further along the path, our woods will become darker again, as soft evening colors emerge. The dark woods will no longer pose a threat, as we confront the darkness in the artwork and in ourselves.