Abandoned Car Struck by Septa Train

Slightly after 7:10 a.m. this morning, a deserted vehicle, was struck by a Septa train near Rices Mill Road.

Wyncote resident, JoAnn Deery, was driving back from the gym this morning with John and Ruthanne Hoover. They could see the flashing lights from several police and emergency vehicles up ahead.  “That definitely wasn’t there when we left for the gym “,  Deery said, referring to the demolished Cadillac on the tracks. Neighbors seemed to think an elder gentleman left the car after making a wrong turn . “No one was hurt and there wasn’t anyone in the car, which is good news”. JoAnn stated.

After striking the car, the train must have pushed the vehicle several hundred feet. An estimated 500 passengers were on the train at the time and no injuries were reported. Several rails were shut down temporarily.