Guy Fieri wannabe posts reviews of Glenside pizzerias on YouTube

He calls himself a connoisseur of pizza, he’s enlisted a friend to hold the cell phone, and armed solely with those two credentials, he’s embarked on a journey to review all the pizza restaurants in our area. So far, he’s reviewed 36 pies and built a following of 129 subscribers. I think his name is Jeff Beck.

Whatever his credentials are, he makes a rather brazen claim (for this Massachusetts native) that Philly does everything better than Boston. Guess he’s not a sports fan.

Since he’s thrown down the gauntlet, I’ll wade into this discussion. I’ll bet I’ve tossed at least as much pizza down my gullet as this guy, and I’ve yet to find one in this region better than the best I’ve had in Massachusetts. Don’t get me wrong: The Philly region holds its own and produces some excellent pies, but I could cite a half-dozen pizzerias in the Bay State that no one in the Philly region can touch. I’ve had pizzas in Massachusetts that I’d leave my wife for.

He’s a long way from Guy Fieri territory, but to paraphrase Mao Zedong, the longest journey begins with a single slice.

But seriously, we wish the guy the best of luck and encourage you to subscribe to his channel.

The journey has so far brought him to two spots in Glenside — the Pizza Box and Trio’s. Do you agree with him? Or should he take a jump in the Schuylkill? Let him know what you think in the comments.