Wyncote Academy to host 3rd annual Whiskey & Waffle this weekend, tickets available for 50th anniversary Farm-to-Table Dinner in April

Wyncote Academy in Elkins Park will host the third annual Whiskey & Waffle Event on Sunday, February 25 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at 7827 Old York Road.

The event will feature samples of maple syrup from trees on the academy’s grounds, roasted root vegetables also grown on-site, maple popcorn, Irish coffee, a bonfire and a small farmers market, according to the Chestnut Hill Local.

Adrienne Redd, a Wyncote Academy staff member, said the hands-on maple syrup creation process is an example of the school’s urban agriculture program, a curriculum core. 

“Nearly every student at the school has participated in this program, which has been transformative for many,” she told the Local

Wyncote Academy is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a Farm-to-Table Dinner on Thursday, April 18 at 218 Glenside Avenue. For more details and for tickets, you can click here.

For more on Wyncote Academy, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

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