Weinrich’s Bakery, a Willow Grove staple since 1952, feat. by 6ABC

Weinrich’s Bakery in Willow Grove was featured earlier this month in a 6ABC article titled “Family-owned Weinrich’s Bakery makes sweet treats to cover any special occasion“.

According to the story, the bakery first opened in New York City in 1919 before moving to Philadelphia in the 1930s with several locations, each of which has been run by members of the Weinrich family. The Willow Grove location opened in 1952.

“We make it special so that when you come in here, you enjoy the experience and you get the top-notch products with the finest ingredients,” co-owner Herman Weinrich, a retired lawyer, told 6ABC.

For 6ABC’s video coverage, you can watch below. More on the Weinrich’s Bakery, located at 55 Easton Road, you can visit their website.

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Screengrab: 6ABC