Upper Moreland Township proposing new police station, decertification of Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company, plastic ban ordinance

Upper Moreland Township is proposing the construction of a new police station.

The proposed police station will be part of the municipal complex and located behind the existing Township building facing Center Avenue.

The Township’s agenda for Monday, November 13 includes a motion to grant a Local Share Account (LSA) application for $1,000,000 for construction. A land development application for the Township’s municipal complex is on the table as well.

Location of municipal complex and police station

In other business, the Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company is looking to push back against a motion in tomorrow’s agenda to decertify its operations.

According to the company’s statement shared via Facebook, the motion stems in part from Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company’s unsigned Fire Services Agreement.

“We have agreed to virtually all of the demands the Township has made of us in the Fire Service Agreement, including complete operational cooperation and financial transparency,” the company’s statement said. “However the Township is demanding that we hand over control of State Money awarded to the Volunteer Fire Co on a yearly basis that is to be used for Volunteer Insurance Programs and Safety related items.

“If this motion passes it will end the Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Co Service to UM Twsp residents after 116 years of service,” the statement said.

The Township is also considering a single-use plastic bags, polystyrene products, and plastic straws ordinance which would eliminate the distribution of these items by retail establishments.

Temporary exemptions have been proposed as well.

The ordinance would be effective beginning January 1, 2024.

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