Underwater Photographer and Author Visited Copper Beech Elementary School

Mr. Michael Patrick O’Neill, an award-winning underwater photographer and author who specializes in marine wildlife and environmental issues, visited Copper Beech Elementary School in Glenside yesterday.

“He had conversations and Q & A sessions with our students, held in four different sessions throughout the day,” stated Ms. Allie Artur, Communications Coordinator for Abington School District.  “Starting at 10:15 AM, Mr. O’Neill met with fifth-grade students in an assembly, and after the session, he had lunch with a select group of 14 lucky students from that grade.”


Copper Beech Elementary School is located in the
Glenside section of Abington Township.


“At Copper Beech’s library and inside its classrooms, O’Neill’s images and books have inspired research projects, the pursuit of creative endeavors, and a desire to understand connections to our world and the impact we can have on it,” continued Ms. Artur.  “His visit supported the school’s ‘Dive into Reading’ library theme this year, as well as encouraged excitement around this year’s school musical, a performance of The Little Mermaid.”


Mr. Michael Patrick O’Neill spoke to 5th grade students at
Copper Beach Elementary School on October 30, 2018.


According to Ms. Artur, “Mr. O’Neill, has traveled extensively for the last 25 years photographing diverse aquatic animals and their habitats.  His images have appeared in many publications, including BBC Wildlife, National Geographic Magazine, Ranger Rick, and The New York Times.  [He has] won the most prestigious competitions, including World Press Photo, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Pictures of the Year.  Mr. O’Neill has written and photographed seven nonfiction marine life books designed to encourage children to read, write, and become involved in science and conservation.”


Photographs are courtesy of the Abington School District, 2018.