Train Car Fire at Glenside Train Station Suspends Service

A train car caught fire at the Gelnside Train Station this afternoon, causing a suspension of service on the Warminster and Doylestown lines as fire fighters put the fire out in the soaring heat.  No one was injured and passengers al got out in time.

According to Richard Jonas from Glenside Weldon Fire Company, “The call came in at 2:44 pm as a vehicle fire and Glenside Fire Company responded.? There were eight fire  companies on-site including, Glenside, Ogantz,Glenside Weldon,  Abington, Roslyn, Wynmoor, Elkins Park were on hand.

According to Jonas so many fore companies were needed because of the lack of manpower at that time of the day.  Glenside had three firefighters on duty when the call came in.  Another factor is the extreme heat which only allows firefighters to be in Turn-Out gear for about 15 minutes, before sending in a replacement, so they don’t overheat.

Jonas said, It was an electrical which required the power to be shut down, and they couldn’t use water to extinguish the fire, and use a dry chemical instead.

Please remember how hard our firefighters and emergency responders work, especially in this heat. As you can see below the Turn-Out Gear is not ideal on hot summer days.

Video from the Action News Helicopter