Today Restore Integrative Well Center; a Marijuana Dispensary Opened in Elkins Park

Today Restore Integrative Well Center, Pennsylvania’s 31st medical marijuana dispensary opened its second location in Elkins Park at 8003 Old York Road. Restore is the second cannabis retailer to open in the area. Terravida Holistic Center in Abington opened in April of this year.

Restore Integrative Well Center is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health to dispense medical marijuana to state-eligible patients. Restore was the first  marijuana dispensary to open in Philadelphia in May, at a former welding shop in Fishtown.

According to owner Steve O refurbished a former marketing business at 8003 Old York Road, refaced the building, updated the interior to create a spa-like environment, and installed a mural by Philadelphia graffiti artist GlossBlack in the new waiting room. Restore Integrative Well Center is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

“Our mission is to help patients by being a dependable, trustworthy and cost-competitive source of medical marijuana,” said O who has roots in Montgomery County. “It’s nice to be on the border of Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties where we’ll be able service many different communities at once,” as reported in

O is a physical therapist and acupuncturist who runs the Reboot Integrative Wellness Center on Cheltenham Avenue. O’s wife Anna O is pharmacist and a Cheltenham High School alumni, who now serves as Restore’s chief executive.

Restore describes itself as patient focused, and providing compassionate and responsible care using marijuana-based medicine. Patients see a pharmacist on site during their first visit, or at any time to receive a dosage that will address their  medical conditions.

Restore treats patients that are prescribed marijuana to help ease withdrawal to opiod addiction. Restore also works with patients that want to be free of Suboxone and Methadone, two drugs used to curb opiod withdrawal, but never free the person from opiod dependency.

“I knew we were doing this to help people and change lives, but the results were mind blowing, said Becky Koval, general manager at Restore in Elkins Park. When we opened in Fishtown we had patients with pain that came to us in wheelchairs and within four months they are walking to their appointments.”

“We never have open shifts because our staff jump at the chance to work because of the feeling if fulfillment they receive from truly helping people,” said Koval, general manager at Restore in Elkins Park.

“We are 100% focused on our patients and providing them with the best quality care. We only hired staff who in the first five minutes of the job interview indicated they wanted the job because they want to help people, said Koval.

Restore Integrative Well Center in Elkins Park is at 8003 Old York Road, and opened Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. For more information call (215) 709-2360 or visit