Thrift Score: Bargains Found at the Local Thrift Shop

I love a good thrift shop and the vintage bargains I find there. I consider ourselves blessed with the number of good ones we have in our area, so at some point during the week, you might find me on the hunt. Whenever I think of getting something we need, like clothing items or electronics, the thrift shop is one of the first places I’ll stop.

This is going to be an occasional series of some of my finds, but please submit your input as well.

Pictured above is a 100% silk shirt I found at the New Life store at 800 Easton Road in Abington (across from Copper Beach). I bought this along with two 100% cotton polo shirts in excellent condition for only $10!

As I write this, my data is streaming out a story I’m editing on a HP 22″ monitor that cost $375 new that I picked up for $25, out over the internet via a $200 Netgear router I scored for just $15. I picked up both at New Life, which has a special room just for its electronic items.

Over the years, I’ve also picked up movies, computer games for the kid, and some kitchen items — all in excellent condition.

Like an idiot, I passed up on this jointer I could have bought for $75 at ReStore in Horsham.

It’s a little outside of our coverage area, but I can’t recommend the ReStore in Horsham enough. No clothing items there, but you’ll be amazed at the furniture and tools they often have to offer. I rarely walk out of there without picking up something I put to use soon after.

What are your favorite thrift scores?

We confess to borrowing the title for this piece from book, Thrift Score by Al Hoff, now out of print. If you see one in your thrift store or Little Library, don’t pass it up.