There Could Be a New Wawa In Town

The empty Lukoil site on the 200 block of South Easton Road, an eyesore for quite some time now, could potentially be the home of a new Wawa.

Cheltenham Township Commissioner Drew Sharky, announced on Thursday, March 3, via Facebook that the previous Lukoil lot and other adjacent properties, including the Gerhard Building, were purchased by Goodman Properties. Bruce Goodman, founder and CEO of  the company, is seeking to construct a new high end Wawa and fuel station within the acquired area.

Goodman Properties, a top Delaware Valley real estate development and property management firm has helped develop many communities in the nearby areas over the years. This plan is just at the beginning stages. Goodman will be meeting with the Township Officials for the first time this week ,to discuss his vision for the property.

The new proposed project causes some controversial issues with the residents that live on Waverly Road, located on the side of the possible Wawa site. Although the Lukoil gas station was there previously, residents are commenting on Facebook that they are concerned about an increase of traffic on Waverly.

On the other hand, other Glenside residents are happy to hear the eyesore will be gone and that more development is taking place in their town. Those residents were were complimenting Sharky, stating that the Wawa will bring in more tax revenue.

Sharky mentioned that many other developers have looked at the properties and one was actually under agreement, yet they all backed out due to various reasons such as the flood zone, site restrictions, price etc. Those proposed plans included a high rise student housing building, CVS, Starbucks, Zoes, Autozone and much more.

Drew Sharky who communicates with the community on a daily basis is always looking out for the best interest of the Glenside residents and merchants. He arraigned for the home owners who would be most effected by the project, to have a private meeting with Bruce Goodman and promised to keep the community involved once more information is available.