The Tookany Valley Chronicles: The Ways Restaurant And Brewery – Status Report

Construction continues for a new restaurant and bar in Glenside.

The Ways Restaurant and Brewery is set to open at 11 South Easton Road.



“Things are moving along at the restaurant and brewery,” stated Mr. Tim Way, Co-Owner with his brother, Steve, of this business.  “One step at a time.  The inside will be finished up within the next few weeks.”



“The opening is ‘tentatively’ scheduled for March,” Mr. Way continued.  “It is very dependent on Aqua and the lag time it takes them to approve our water [line], and the weather, since we have some landscaping to do related to Aqua.”



“We are very excited, and anxious to get fresh beer and delicious food to the people of Glenside,” concluded Mr. Way.  “And hopefully that will be happening sooner rather than later.”



The photographs are provided courtesy of The Ways Restaurant and Brewery, 2018-2019.


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