The Hooters In Glenside

Music will fill the Keswick Theatre this weekend.

The Hooters will play the Glenside site tomorrow night (in addition, to playing there tonight).

“Bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene in 1980, The Hooters quickly became a huge success along their native East Coast,” according to a promotional statement from the Keswick Theatre.  “Their unique blend of ska, reggae and rock n roll was a fresh and powerful sound…[In] 1983, The Hooters released their first independent album ‘Amore’, which sold over 100,000 copies.  ‘Amore’ introduced the original versions of songs like ‘All You Zombies’, ‘Hanging On A Heartbeat’, ‘Fightin’ On The Same Side’ and ‘Blood From A Stone’, all songs which would reappear in different versions on later albums.”

“It was also during this time that Rob (Hyman) and Eric (Bazilian), along with producer Rick Chertoff, wrote and played on Cyndi Lauper’s debut album ‘She’s So Unusual’, the promotional statement continued.  “Rob and Cyndi co-wrote the now classic hit song ‘Time After Time’.  The Hooters’ strong and powerful presence, as performers and as songwriters, led to their first major record deal in 1984 with Columbia Records.  Their 1985 debut release ‘Nervous Night’ quickly achieved gold and platinum status all over the world.  Rolling Stone magazine named The Hooters the ‘Best New Band of the Year’ in 1985.  That year just kept getting better as The Hooters were chosen as the very first band to perform at LIVE AID in Philadelphia.”

The Keswick Theatre is located at 291 North Keswick Avenue in Glenside.  Further information can be found at the website for the Keswick Theatre.


Photograph is courtesy of Keswick Theatre, 2018.