The Glenside Fire Company Wants You

This notice was recently posted on Facebook:

The Glenside Fire Company is seeking motivated and dedicated individuals interested in serving their community as volunteer firefighters. 

The term “volunteer firefighter” is a bit of a misnomer. While providing exactly the same service as their career counterparts and not receiving a salary, volunteers are compensated well with a paycheck of adrenaline, excitement, camaraderie, self-improvement, and the satisfaction of serving their communities.

As a volunteer firefighter at Glenside, you can expect to respond to emergency incidents (including fires, rescues, and other hazardous situations), complete many hours of specialized training, maintain fire apparatus and equipment, provide fire prevention for the community, participate in team-building and social events, and gain valuable service and leadership experience for college and job applications.

All training and equipment is provided free of charge. Join GFC today!

Click here to apply.