Salus University alum receives Accessible Pharmacy Services 2023 Award for optometry

Erin Kenny OD ‘15, Resident ‘16, FAAO, a Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University alum, was awarded the Accessible Pharmacy Services 2023 Award for Optometry for her use of the Accessible Pharmacy services in a clinical environment.

The current chief of the William Feinbloom Rehabilitation Center will receive the award during the second annual Blind Health Expo on December 1, 2023. 

Accessible Pharmacy Services allow individuals with disabilities, specifically vision disabilities to have better access to their pharmaceutical needs. Dr. Kenny has been awarded this honor because of her work at the  William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center, which has helped blind and low vision individuals and their families access care and learn how to live independently and safely. “We are so thankful for your rehabilitation work with the blind and low vision community and are personally grateful for all of our collaborative work and your support of us.” 

Dr. Erin Kenny hosted a Lunch and Learn in partnership with Accessible Pharmacy Services at the William Feinbloom Rehabilitation Center, housed at The Eye Institute, “I was really open to bringing their services to the clinic,” she said. “We have a lot of samples that they provided to our clinic that we can then demonstrate to patients. It’s nice that we are able to introduce their services to our low vision community.”

Dr. Kenny was unsure of a low vision practice. She took the class while at PCO and confessed she did not like it. “I didn’t even know low vision existed when I came to optometry school. I took the course and the course was okay, I wasn’t head over heels for it,” she said. It was not until her residency at The Eye Institute that she found deep meaning in the practice. “It was love at first rotation,” she said. She did a low vision residency and then was lucky enough to stay on as a faculty member.

“It is a community (Blindness and Low Vision)that is very close to my heart,” Dr. Kenny said. “It is nice to be recognized as an optometrist but there are so many professionals that are involved in the care of these patients. I am a big believer of interdisciplinary care and how we all work together to better help this community.” Dr. Kenny had no idea Accessible Pharmacy Services presented awards, but she is very excited and honored to have received something for her work and passion. 

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Photo: Salus University