Roads closed: Apple Studios filming new series in Wyndmoor on Monday

Rep. Napoleon Nelson announced that Apple Studios will be filming an episode of a new series titled “Catamount” in Springfield Township on Monday, February 12.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Catamount is a new Ridley Scott project for Apple TV+. The limited-run drama is based on the crime novel “Dope Thief” by Dennis Tafoya, who grew up in Philadelphia and lives in Bucks County.

The filming will take place at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Flourtown Road, and at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Traymore Avenue in Wyndmoor.

Filming is reportedly scheduled for locations across the Philadelphia region through July, and has already scouted locations in several Bucks County townships, including Bedminster, Tinicum, and Bristol. The show will also film at Sun Studios in Aston.

The following traffic and parking impacts will take place on Monday:

No Parking from 6:00am – 8:00pm:

  • East side of Flourtown Ave. between Wyndmoor Ave & Willow Grove, half block closest to Willow Grove Ave.
  • South side of Willow Grove Ave, 3 spaces in front of Locals Coffee
  • West side of Flourtown Ave between Willow Grove Ave. and Campbell Ln
  • East side of Traymore Ave between Willow Grove Ave and Gilbert Ave
  • South side of Wyndmoor Ave, 5 Flourtown Ave to Traymore Ave

Road Closures:

Scenes will involve the production crew working with equipment throughout the area. For everybody’s safety this will require periodic traffic restrictions to be instituted at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Flourtown Avenue, and at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Traymore Avenue. These restrictions should last no more than five minutes at a time and will allow emergency vehicles to pass through as needed and without interruption.

To ensure the shoot is completed safely, and with minimal impact to the neighborhood, the production company is working closely with PennDOT, Springfield Township, and the Springfield Township Police Department, as well as the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (215-686-2668).

If you should have any questions or concerns about the filming, please email Richie Charles at or look for a Location Department representative on set. Traffic concerns can be directed to the Springfield Police Dept. 215-836-1601.

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