Recycle Campaign Signs

The General Election has come and gone.

But many of the campaign signs remain.

It’s time to collect those signs – either by their owners for future use or to recycle the signs to enhance the environment.

As reported last week, “After the excitement of Election Day fades, Montgomery County urges its residents to recycle their campaign signs instead of throwing them in the trash,” stated Ms. Veronica Harris, Recycling Manager for Montgomery County.

According to Montgomery County, “recycling campaign signs puts all of the metal, cardboard, and plastic components back into use to make other products.”

Residents of Cheltenham Township and Abington Township may drop off their campaign signs through November 13th, during normal operating hours at:

Abington Township Highway Yard
2201 Florey Lane

Residents in the area may also drop off their campaign signs through November 13th between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM at:

Cheltenham Township Public Works Facility
8101 Old York Road
Elkins Park

According to Montgomery County, cardboard and plastic bag signs will be accepted at this location along with corrugated plastic signs and metal stands.

“This collection program does not seek to take the campaign sign clean up responsibilities away from the campaigns,” Ms. Harris continued.  “Instead, the program hopes to connect candidates and residents with drop off points so that signs can be recycled instead of thrown in the trash.”

Beyond this special recycling effort, Ms. Harris explained that “Residents may recycle some of the materials independently.  Cardboard signs may be recycled in curbside programs and plastic bag type signs may be recycled with plastic grocery bags at local retail drop offs.”