Plans for a new coffee shop in downtown Glenside temporarily shut down

On Wednesday, Glenside Local highlighted a forthcoming coffee shop called Recess, which was to open at the former location of MIY Artistry, 107 S Easton Road.

Owner Laura Ly of Glenside told us today that her application has been denied and that she’ll be looking for a new storefront to open her business.

“When you file for a business, there are subcategories, and what I was doing was considered a Quick-Service Restaurant. The landlord didn’t want to convert it from an office space to a restaurant,” Ly said.

“I had it cleared by the county. It’s not a restaurant, but it was falling under that category. That’s why it was denied,” she said.

Ly said she has paused her GoFundMe until she finds a new spot in the area, and still aims to open this fall.

“I’m still going to be in Glenside. I may even get closer to Arcadia University. Nothing about my agenda has changed, just the location,” she said.

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