Pet of the Week: Meet Brini

brini pet of the week

Brini turned 15 years old this year, and according to Cecelia, her owner, has lived a pretty comfortable life, entirely in Jenkintown. She is described as an unusually docile cat, except when another cat strays into the yard.

“One time she took off after a fox!” Cecelia said. “But anytime we tried to introduce a dog into the house, we were afraid Brini would kill the poor thing. Doesn’t matter how big or small.” As a result, no dog for the family. Large or small, Brini does not like them and will attack. With people, she’s perfectly friendly.

Brini was named after Brini Maxwell, a drag queen who had her own show on the Style network.

Brini has slowed down over the years, becoming a little batty in her old age, but she’s still very healthy and eats well.

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