Party Yards, Abington’s larger-than-life display business, honors Teacher Appreciation Week at Rydal Elementary

Heather Boscaino, owner of the Abington-based Party Yards, recently honored Teacher Appreciation Week through a celebratory sign outside of Rydal Elementary School in Huntingdon Valley.

“Teacher appreciation signs are one of my favorite kinds of displays to do, because not only am I helping the school (usually the PTA or PTO) to thank some of the hardest working professionals in our community, but I know a lot of kids will be starting their day with a smile too when they are surprised by such a fun sign,” Heather said.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with several of our local schools for upcoming graduations and promotion ceremonies as well,” she said.

Party Yards offers fully customizable lawn displays for just about any occasion you can imagine: birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, births, graduations, and more.

For more about Heather and the genesis of Party Yards, you can read our previous coverage here.

You can also check out her website and Facebook page. To get in touch with Heather, you can reach out to with your ideas.