Parking That Is Both Stupid And Illegal

The Glenside Fire Company highlighted two recent photographs from the Norristown Fire Department.  The examples cited in Norristown are not unique to that community.

“It isn’t just illegal, it could put someone’s life in danger,” the Glenside Fire Company stated.  “Never block a fire hydrant, even for a minute.”



“In the past week the Norristown Fire Department responded to 3 building fires and found hydrants blocked by vehicles,” stated the Norristown Fire Department.  “Every day since the fires, we continue to find vehicles parked on hydrants like these in the west end of town.  This delays our ability to put water on the fire and can affect your life or property.  Please THINK when you park and tell your neighbors too.  Parking in front of hydrants is illegal. Your LIFE may depend on it.”




The photographs are provided courtesy of the Norristown Fire Department via the Glenside Fire Company, 2018.