The Old With The New Adds a Little Spice to Glenside

If you haven’t had the chance, you might want check out the new business in town that everyone is talking about. The husband and wife team, Lee and Rachel Hecht, spent an entire year renovating and creating their new masterpiece, Flow, a bath and kitchen design studio. Flow is located in the old Glenside Hardware building. The former hardware store, which was a staple in Glenside for so many years, closed in the summer of 2014. The vacant building brought sadness to the quaint town of Glenside which suddenly changed when the Hecht’s decided to invest and invigorate the empty space. In doing so, they discovered some treasures along the way. To start, the building itself dates back to the late 1920’s, when J.S. Phillips Hardware was in business. Knowing that, they began poking around to see if they could preserve any history beneath the walls. Above the ceiling, they found a second set of support beams. They removed the first layer of wood beams to give a more open look with higher ceilings. With the the help of Stable Tables in Flourtown, that wood was then repurposed to create their fabulous working tables, desks and shelves, throughout the studio. In addition, they removed the drywall and found beautiful brick walls, which they exposed to give a stunning industrial, chic feel.

Rachel and Lee are definitely not new at this endeavor. Able Plumbing Supply, on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, was started by Lee’s grandfather and has remained in the family for over 60 years. Flow’s mission is to fill the void in the plumbing business and offer pretty much everything for your project needs. They will help you create your dream kitchen and bath, right there in their studio. Flow will guarantee quality products, in several finishes, and at many different price points.  Driving down Easton Road, Flow Design Studio will definitely catch your eye. Those of you who remember the old Glenside Hardware, you will be fascinated by the incredible transformation.