Missed Connections: Just Say Something, Already!

There’s a famous scene in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with George and Mary returning from a school dance walk past the wreck of a house that would later become their home. They stop and engage in some lively, innocent flirtatious banter, stopping to gaze into each other’s eyes but still keep talking. A neighbor watching the whole exchange from his porch yells out, “Why don’t you just kiss her already!”

Maybe the old guy is just a creep, but the romantic among us simply see the frustration of someone with their own twinges of regret for failing to make that move that might have changed everything about their lives. Perhaps this is exactly what just happened at the Elkins Park train station last week.

This comes from the Missed Connections section of Craig’s List:

We keep catching each others eyes. One day you walked by and did something that I should have know was flirting, but I wasn’t sure. If you see this, tell me what you did and we can talk.