Meet Eli Porr: from Arcadia to Alcova, former Men’s volleyball coach turned mortgage loan officer

Eli Porr arrived in Glenside in 2015 to turn an underachieving Arcadia University Women’s volleyball program around.

Four years later, the team found itself in the Middle Atlantic Conference championship. In 2016, he founded Arcadia’s Men’s volleyball program, a team which he recruited and coached to a 2019 MAC championship and a first-ever NCAA tournament appearance.

After seven years at the helm of both programs, Eli decided to take a 90-degree career turn into the mortgage loan world.

“I’ve been involved with volleyball my whole life, and I was excited to spread my wings and expand and try some new things. A very good friend of mine who’s been in the mortgage business for 10 years recruited me, and I loved it right away,” Eli said.

His good friend, Tucker Jankosky of Alcova Mortgage, was more than happy to show him the ropes.

“Eli has an infectious charisma and a knack for problem solving, which is exactly what lenders look for when bringing new talent into the mortgage industry, so I knew it would be a good fit,” Tucker, a former schoolteacher and TV reporter, said.

For Eli, the feeling is mutual.

“Tucker is a loan mortgage wizard and a master of his craft. He’s five steps ahead of everybody in the loan process. He has back-up plans to his back-up plans, and he’s very thorough,” Porr said. “Alcova Mortgage is owned by down-to-earth people who are not out there just trying to get rich, but rather actually helping people. We’ll take pay cuts to do what it takes to help someone get in a home. Not all mortgage lenders are like that, and I’m seeing that more and more the longer I’m in this business. I appreciate that the company operates in an honest way.”

For those looking to own a home, Alcova Mortgage is the first step in the process.

“We can help you get pre-approved for about four months,” Eli said. “Mortgage loans are the first stop for any buyer. You need to be approved before you start looking.”

The Roanoke-based company has its own processers, underwriters, and closers, and specializes in VA loans, which are loans guaranteed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Those are our bread-and-butter,” Eli said.

Alcova also offers FHA/USDA conventional and governmental loans for those with lower credit scores.

“We offer loans for everybody, and we know the market has been a little tough the last year,” Eli said. “At the same time, we want everyone to know that renting is 100% interest compared to the 6% interest that you’re getting from buying. You’re always putting money away and into the equity of your home.”

“If you’re interested, please reach out. My partner and I will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns and guide you through the pre-approval process and tell you what you qualify for,” he said.

In terms of the Glenside area, Eli, originally from Denver, PA, says he found a hidden gem.

“Glenside is a home away from home,” he said. “I’ve loved all of my time in this community and I plan on staying here for a long while. All of the people that I’ve met have been fantastic, and I enjoy the location being just outside of Philly. There’s always something to do and someone wonderful to meet.”

For more on Eli, you can visit his website. For more on Alcova Mortgage, you can click here.