Medical Dry-Leaf Marijuana Sales Start Today in Abington

As of today Pennsylvanians using medical marijuana can start using dry-leaf cannabis. On August 1, the Department of Health began allowing the sales of dry-leaf cannabis to the dispensaries, and all stores are expected to have the plant for sale by August 8.  Almost half of all dispensaries in the state will begin selling medical marijuana in plant form on Aug. 1, but the plant should be available to all stores by Aug. 8, a health department news release states.

Glenside Local spoke to Chris Visco, President and co-owner at TerraVida Holistic Center located on 1626 Old York Road in Abington about the first day of dry-flower sales, and she said, “We expect to have people lined-up outside for the first day of sales.”

“The dry plant will cost much less than the other cannabis options because it is much easier to produce than oils or waxes,” said Chris Visco. Glenside Local will be doing a new business feature on TerraVida Holistic Center soon.

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act of 2016 still does not allow smoking the plant, but patients can use a vaporizer. Initially, the only types of medical cannabis allowed were pills, oils, gels, creams, ointments, tinctures, liquid, and non-whole plant forms for administration through vaporization. In May 2018, in keeping with the advisory board recommendations, the Pennsylvania Health Department issued revised regulations to allow whole plant, flower cannabis. Dispensaries cannot sell edibles, but medical cannabis products could be mixed into food or drinks to facilitate ingestion by a patient in a facility or residence. Vaporization is allowed, and smoking is prohibited