Magnificent Moments Venue: Intimate event space in downtown Jenkintown

Niesha Finney opened Magnificent Moments Venue in Jenkintown in October 2021.

Prior to the pandemic, Finney was an event planner. Today, she specializes in hosting intimate events in a furnished space that can accommodate as many as 49 guests.

“When I saw the building, I decided to jump on it and open up,” she said. “I’m always in the Jenkintown area doing something, so it made sense to open there. I’ve liked seeing people enjoy themselves when they’re here. It’s a nice place.”

Magnificent Moment’s back room offers a place to house food as well as a kitchen area. The front room has tables, chairs, Bluetooth speakers, 360-degree photo booths, cocktail tables and barstools, and televisions.

“You can have a cocktail hour, a baby shower, a bridal shower, a bachelor party, pop-up shops, retirement parties. Any event or intimate gathering,” Finney said. “We’ve also held one-hour exercise sessions. We’re still interested in hosting those.”

On December 17, Magnificent Moments will host a toy giveaway in honor of Finney’s father, who passed away in September.

“He was a Marine and belonged to different posts. Every year he’d go shopping for toys, clothes, whatever he could get, and he would pass it out. We as a family wanted to keep that tradition going, so we’re doing it every year in his honor.

“Any child can come in, take a picture with Santa, get some food, and receive a toy,” she said.

To make room for holiday parties, Magnificent Moments is offering a six-hour event special, though rentals can be as short as one hour to as long as all day, seven days a week.

“We’re flexible. Closing time is 11:00pm. Opening at 8:00am,” Finney said.

For more on Magnificent Moments Venue, located at 715 West Avenue, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

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Photos: Niesha Finney