Madeleine Dean Wins Democratic Primary in New 4th District

State Representative Madeleine Dean, born and raised in Glenside, wins the newly drawn 4th Congressional District for the Democratic Primary.

Dean, 58, defeated Democrats, Shira Goodman and former 3 term congressman, Joe Hoeffel, by over 25,000 votes.

Dean, is on a mission to break up the 20 member “men’s club” that makes up the PA congressional delegation. She will move on to face Republican, Dan David, Vice President and Co-founder of GeoInvesting, in November, 2018.

Leading up to yesterday’s election, Madeleine Dean,@mad4pa tweeted,

“Washington won’t change until we change the people we send there to represent us. That’s why I’m running 4 #Congress. It’s time we have a #progressive woman fighting 4 PA in our nation’s capital. Join me in this fight on the May 15th primary #election# #bluewave2018 #FlipTheHouse”