Lower Moreland police address ‘Senior Assassin’ game played by LMHS students, has resulted in multiple 911 calls

The Lower Moreland Police Department announced that it has responded to multiple 911 calls regarding armed subjects in the community over the past several days.

Police investigations revealed that the “armed subjects” are Lower Moreland High School seniors participating in a game called “Senior Assassin” which involves students stalking and shooting each other with water guns in an attempt to be the last senior standing.

“Think of it as ‘hide and seek’ with water guns,” officials said. “This game is not sanctioned by the school district and has caused concern for members of our community.”

The department said it is urging students not to participate, but those who do are asked to follow these safety tips:

1. Don’t carry anything that could be mistaken as a real firearm, this could be a recipe for disaster.
2. Do not trespass on other people’s property.
3. Avoid playing after dark.
4. If you see the police coming, do not run or hide, just explain to the officers what you are doing and cooperate with their investigation.

“While we understand this is a game to the participants, its purpose is not known to the general public and could cause alarm. Though we don’t condone the game, we strive to keep the public informed,” police said.

The game is given more detail in the student-created video below:

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